Written by Andy Langford

It's been a year since I took the helm, yet it only seems like yesterday. A lot has happened with the OHBS in that time yet it has been a short stint due to circumstances beyond our control. Altho these have had a major impact on us I think it has shown the Society can withstand pandemics that have crippled major Companies & Corporations worldwide. I will use a line from the PM, altho the numbers will not be So big, Its thanks to the team of 5 or so that has kept the buses in order, the social media active, the bills paid, and the general interest of what’s happening with the buses has been built upon year after year for the last 10 years. Plus the location where they have been parked has been more high profile than in previous years adding value to the fleet.

I started my year off trying to do a Chairman's Chat on a regular basis,
a) to keep the public aware of what we were up to
b) to keep the Facebook page active but mainly
c) so I could remember what we have achieved.

There has been a few excursions this year with a few more planned, keep watching for updates on the Facebook page for when the next event is on for booking & thanks to Anthony for spending time researching a booking companies to find one that is easy to use and yet gives us a good return with low fees and commission.

There could be a strange bus out there which altho is not new to the fleet, it's new to the Dunedin soil this century. Thanks to the team who have been working behind the scenes to bring 195 home.

Lastly, I get to thank Heather, David, Celia, Jenna, Maria and June who have been awesome OHBS widows over the last 12 months, thanks for supporting your OHBS Executive spouses and all the extra things that tickles their fancy when it comes to playing bus on days when you just want them out of the house, but especially on the days that you could really use them at home but they have their heads either under a bus, behind a wheel or a cleaning cloth or stuck in an instruction manual. Cheers. And lastly, I would also like to thank everyone else who has pitched in, even if it was to sweep or mop out a bus. You don't know how much this helps the drivers and mechanics. And lastly, I wish to hugely thank Mr McGregor, Ken has been in the OHBS and on the Executive for as long as I remember, not as long as others can tho. Altho this sounds like an eulogy, it is because after his time on the Executive, 4 years of that as Chairman, Ken is retiring in about 15 minutes when u call for nominations even tho he says he with still be our main Sadie the Cleaning Lady. Cheerz Ken. (A footnote, at the AGM, Ken was re-elected to remain on the Executive)

That's my blurb.

10. 4 big buddy, now's time to hand over for the next stage of this meeting.


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